Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Philanthropist's Danse

by Paul Wornham

Here is a book written true to the classic whodunnit, reminiscent of And Then There Were None, a little mystery, a little suspense and a few twists thrown in for fun. In The Philanthropist's Danse, Wornham brings together a cast of twelve interesting characters whose mission of dividing the estate of their recently deceased billionaire father and friend wreaks havoc. Each person involved holds some secret that their benefactor would have either rewarded or punished, and it is up to them to quickly determine who should receive the lion's share of the wealth.

The author does a good job of pulling you in and keeping the story moving along. I thought the actions and responses of the characters was realistic and I liked the whole premise. After the first few twists in the story, I was really waiting for that big surprise ending, which unfortunately never came. In the end, everything was all wrapped up and resolved, I just was expecting a bigger bang.

It's a good, fun and quick read for anyone who likes a typical mystery. 

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