Thursday, September 29, 2016

Mr. Mercedes Trilogy

by Stephen King

Review of the Bill Hodges trilogy from a Constant Reader (if you know what that means you'll know what I think). I have done my best not to give spoilers, because you'll want to read these books.

 Mr. Mercedes: In the beginning there is a nice man looking for a job, waiting in a long line for the opening of a job fair. Although he is desperate for a job, the young single mom next to him may need a job even more, so he offers to help her out. But before he can do that, Brady Hartsfield (a crazed maniac) comes careening through the crowd in a stolen mercedes, which kills and severely injures hundreds of innocents. In comes Bill Hodges, retired detective with a bleak outlook, to save the day. Except it takes a long time and at least one more tragedy to get there. The final blowout leaves Brady in a bad way.

Finders Keepers:  A bit of a spin off from book 1, taken from the family of a job fair victim still struggling to get back on their feet. The son, Pete finds a hidden treasure of sorts and is trying to work a way to capitalize on it, but instead winds up in a terrifying blackmailing scheme. It falls to Bill Hodges and his cohorts to try and rescue Pete.

End of Watch: In this final episode, we return to where it all began, with Brady. He is still suffering the effects of that final incident, but it seems to be working on him in an odd way, giving him some unique mental powers. As he secretly masters these abilities, he begins planning revenge on Hodges and his friends. In this book, King joins the supernatural with the psychotic in ways that give you the creeps.

The man can tell a story-- just read him.