Friday, June 24, 2016

The Life We Bury

by Allen Eskens

Joe Talbert, a struggling college student is assigned a research project for his English class that he isn't too excited about. He has to interview a stranger and write their life story. Joe's stranger happens to be a Vietnam veteran who was convicted of rape and murder, but is living out his last days in a nursing facility. Carl, like most convicted murderers, claims innocence, but after 30 years in a high security prison, he has become hard and angry. However, Joe gets him to tell his story, and soon is on a mission to clear Carl's name. Besides this main plot The LIfe We Bury has a few sidelines going on, Joe's alcoholic mother, his autistic brother, and his cute but unapproachable neighbor.

If you like stories about life and relationships, where every loose end is carefully tied, then you'll like this book. 

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