Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Burning

by Jane Casey

Tough female detective stories seem to be all the rage right now, unfortunately I haven't found many that work for me. The main problem being, writers seem bent on adding a love interest, which generally seems to be really stupid choices for these supposedly strong women. It's either an unsupportive male at home or she's infatuated with one of her co-workers. In The Burning you get both.

There is a serial killer in London who is killing women and then setting them aflame. When a fifth victim is found, DC Maeve Kerrigan is put on the case. As she begins her investigation, she discovers inconsistencies that cause her to question whether these murders have all been done by the same killer. This plot could have worked if the obvious answer hadn't been exposed in the first few chapters, so the rest of the time you were reading unnecessary details and wondering why DC Kerrigan took so long to figure it out.

You might like this if you are a fan of Tana French.

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