Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Firebird

by Susanna Kearsley

Too formulaic. The Firebird is another parallel story, past & present, which follows the script perfectly. A 20-something art dealer, Nicola receives an old carving that she needs to authenticate. Because she has a special ESP ability, she knows the item is the real thing, she just has to prove it. So, she picks back up with a past love interest, Rob, who happens to be even more psychically gifted, and they head to Russia to get their evidence.

The sections on 18th century Russia had potential, but were underdeveloped. It's like the author had read just enough history to provide some tidbits to make it relatively believable, but not enough to make it interesting. Bear in mind that I was simultaneously involved in the tome on Catherine the Great (review to come). Regardless, it was just too sparse. Then the present day part was just silly and unbelievable (and a bit too romance for my taste).

Ultimately, the book is ok, but I think I've had enough of this concurrent story thing for a while. If you like a little romance and a little history, then you'd like this. 

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