Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Tell the Wolves I'm Home

by Carol Rifka Brunt

I actually didn't finish reading Tell the Wolves I'm Home, so typically I would not write a review, but I read enough to get a very good idea of the story so I made an exception because I found this book too disgusting to leave it alone. I am intentionally not providing a link to it on Amazon because I would not want to encourage anyone to read it.  Moreover, I find it particularly unsettling how many recommendations this book has received and even been named one of the best books of the year on a number of lists. Especially that Oprah would recommend it given her past.

The story is about June, a pre-teen girl coming to terms with the death of her favorite Uncle Finn, who died of AIDS. June then befriends her uncle's boyfriend, Toby, who is also dying of AIDS so they can commiserate together. And that is why I think this book got these accolades, because of the gay relationship and the AIDS story.

So my big beef with this book is the absolutely inappropriate relationships portrayed throughout this story. Here is a 14-year old girl who idolized and had a crush on her gay uncle. This uncle not only seemed to enjoy the adoration, but encouraged and reciprocated it. Now that Uncle Finn is dead, the uncle's boyfriend is taking over in this relationship! This guy is at least 20 years older than June and is suddenly spending a lot of time with her, getting her to skip school, to drink and smoke and even pose for romantic pictures with him! It is repulsive!

I am dumbfounded that for the sake of supporting a gay story so many people would overlook the pedophilia.

Don't read it!

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