Saturday, April 5, 2014


by Mary Shelley

Even though I had never read Frankenstein, I thought I knew the story. After all, I had seen Young Frankenstein. Boy was I mistaken! My first misconception was that the green monster with the bolts in his neck was called Frankenstein, when actually the monster in the book has no name, its creator however is a young man named Victor Frankenstein. Then I thought the story was about this crazed monster who goes through towns trying to kill people, which also doesn't happen, instead the monster is actually trying to find friends, he is lonely and alone. My biggest misunderstanding was thinking it was a horror story, but it is actually more of a tragedy, and I loved it!

It's amazing how much substance Mary Shelley crams into this short novel. Here are a few of the themes: creation, relationships, love, loneliness, hate, guilt, remorse, regret, beauty, enemies, revenge. Some thoughts to ponder: what is the responsibility of a creator to its creation, is beauty really skin deep, can revenge satisfy the offense, should man be alone?

If you liked Dracula and haven't read Frankenstein I recommend it, you're in for a pleasant surprise. 

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