Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Expats

by Chris Pavone

When Dexter Moore takes an overseas job, his wife quits hers and the family packs off to Europe. Once there, Kate begins to suspect her husband isn't being completely honest with her and she begins to investigate. All the while she is keeping her own secrets and discovering others that may devastate her future. Because the story is written on three time lines (present day, near past and distant past), it presents some confusion, particularly in the beginning, so it takes almost a third of the book before you get a sense of the plot.

Having been an expat, I think Pavone does a pretty good job of revealing that lifestyle, but that isn't the point. As a thriller, it is lacking much thrill and the big shadow hanging over Kate's head throughout the story turns into a dud. It isn't until the last 30 pages that the deceptions begin to unravel and the cons come to light. Even though I am aware of the many securities breeches and concerns within companies, I question the feasibility of this scam.

The Expats is the second book I've read this month that despite it not being a great book I think the author has potential.

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