Tuesday, June 19, 2012


by Richard Bachman (aka Stephen King)

In my efforts to chip away at that criminal plots challenge, I needed to read a crime novel written by an author using a pen name. I didn't find many who fit this category and originally wanted to read a book by Andy Stack (aka Ann Rule), unfortunately these books do not come in a digital format, so I went for this one.

If you are an avid SK reader you will know that within his novels, King frequently gives a nod to characters and places in his other novels. My DH recently found this flow chart of these connections  Flowchart: Connections in Stephen King novels What is amazing is that he does this same thing as Bachman! In Blaze he mentions Shawshack Prison (from Shawshank Redemption), Derry (town in It, Insomnia, Dreamcatcher and 11/22/63), the last name Cullen (also a main character in The Stand), and the last name Coslaw (also a student in 11/22/63).  I'm sure there were other connections I missed, but since I know he does this I tend to be on the lookout.

Even though Blaze would not be at the top of my SK favorites, the man is a skilled writer and can just take a story and run. Here, Clayton Blaisedell, Jr. and his con partner, George (who is actually dead and talking in Blaze's head) kidnap a baby from a wealthy family in order to collect a large ransom and retire somewhere warm. The story relies on flashback telling the story of Blaze's youth while concurrently relaying the kidnap caper. King originally wrote this novel in 1973, but didn't have it published until 2007 after major editing.

It's a quick read that SK fans should read, however don't let this be your first!

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