Monday, February 27, 2012

Criminal Plots Challenge

My book club of the past 10 years is sort of dissolving. Although I sometimes contemplated dropping out and occasionally disliked the selected book, now that it is "on hold" I have missed it. I miss meeting with the ladies who I became friends with but now rarely see, I miss reading books I probably wouldn't have picked up on my own, and I miss discussing those books. I was often surprised to hear positive comments about books I didn't like and I found it interesting to hear opposite opinions. Sometimes the discussions made me look at the book from a different perspective (always a good thing for me). I also think the book club provided more focus to my reading. Since I knew a book would be discussed I looked for things I liked and didn't and I looked for interesting quotes or sections of the story that were challenging or thought-provoking. Now though, I just read.
The challenge I did at the first of the year helped fill the void a little so I started searching the internet for another. Here is one I found that I thought feasible:    Even though mystery/ crime/ thriller isn't my go-to genre, it's something I like to read.

I looked into an historical fiction challenge, but it only classified by the number of HF books you read in the year.... I kind of like the title challenges because it makes you search for something specific, meaning it may not be one you'd choose otherwise.

Here are the title requirements for this challenge:
1. Weapon in the title
2. Published more than 10 years ago
3. Written by author from home state
4. Protagonist opposite sex of author
5. Written by author using a pen name
6. Stand-alone book by author who writes a series

So, until we meet again......

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