Thursday, March 1, 2012

Twisted Perception

by Bob Avey

Naturally, since I decided to take the Criminal Plots challenge, I selected a book that would meet one of the requirements. Twisted Perception is written by an Oklahoma author and is Avey's debut novel. The premise of the story is that Detective Elliot, who is investigating a murder that may be connected to a serial killer, also happens to be the main suspect. Oddly enough, Elliot himself isn't sure whether or not he's guilty. Most chapters are told from the third person with some narrations from the killer's perspective interspersed throughout the story. To reinforce the confusion, many of the killers thoughts and experiences coincide with Elliot's. I found these interjected accounts a bit creepy and because the author wanted to disguise the killer, his narrations were elusive to the point of distraction.

A lot of characters had similar names that played into the outcome, but I found some of the relationships far-fetched. Since I don't like giving spoilers, I'll say there was a twist, which made the ending somewhat unexpected but not entirely. The book was a quick, easy read, overall okay.

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