Monday, January 16, 2012

The Sisters Brothers

by Patrick deWitt

One of my reading buddies recommended this book like this, "I just finished a book you would like, it's really weird." Not sure how to take that, and then I have to admit when I began reading I had real doubts about finishing, not being a big fan of western themes, and questioning my friend suggesting the genre. However, I wasn't too far into the story when I had a change of heart. The Sisters Brothers is a story about two unconventional cowboy/hit-men, Charlie and Eli Sisters, who have been hired to kill a thief. More than half of the book covers their mis-adventure just to find the man, as told by the younger, less-bad brother. Despite a couple of "shoot 'em up" scenes, this book is not a high action adventure and may be somewhat comical. Some of the more humorous things include a handicapped horse, a cowboy on a diet and discovering the toothbrush! The brothers do find their mark only to struggle with second thoughts after reading a diary (of all things) and then their escapades continue.

The book is chock full of eccentric characters and unsuspecting anecdotes, which drive you on to find out what will happen next. It is an oddly dark, yet somehow sadly humorous story that I'd say you ought to read. The one negative is the anti-climatic ending. The cover says it all.

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