Thursday, January 26, 2012


by Denise Mina

Garnethill is somewhat of a murder mystery: Maureen wakes up to find her married boyfriend has been brutally murdered in her living room. Naturally as the police's first suspect, she determines to find the killer on her own (nothing new here). The twist is that Maureen comes from a dysfunctional family, is a victim of incest and spent significant time in a mental institution, facts that dominate the story line. The boyfriend also happens to have been a therapist at a mental clinic where she was treated.... another form of abuse that Maureen spends the entire book defending.

I was sorely disappointed in this book; it had top reviews on Amazon so perhaps I went in with overly high expectations. Clearly the readers of Garnethill have very different ideas of a good mystery, good writing and good character development. This book contained little mystery, poor writing and unlikable characters.

Perhaps it goes without saying that I wouldn't recommend this book, however it did meet the book challenge requirement of a title with a topographical feature.

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