Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Peach Keeper

by Sarah Addison Allen

In a nutshell, this book was nothing special. The storyline is cliched, the characters were one dimensional and the dialogue was contrived, especially that between the love interests. I kept reading The Peach Keeper believing it would get better, because there was a hint of potential, but it just never really succeeded in taking off. One of the better threads revolved around friendships between women, how they tend to take a back seat after marriage and how women should learn to maintain those connections, but even that concept was forced and unbelievable in this story.

If you like quick, pre-teen romance type books (think Twilight) you may want to pick this up. However,  I am not likely to risk another of her novels that have also been highly rated and recommended on Amazon. Definitely not my style.

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