Sunday, May 15, 2011

The House at Riverton

by Kate Morton

I am always skeptical when books are compared to Rebecca or Jane Eyre so that was how I approached reading The House at Riverton, and my skepticism was well-founded. While Riverton gets off to a good start, it loses pace quickly before reaching it's climactic ending, which was somewhat predictable given the abundant clues throughout the story. Although the end contained a slight twist, it wasn't really a surprise.

The storyline itself is fairly familiar: an elderly woman reliving her past and revealing her secrets, and is a quick read with an easy plot to follow. Much attention is given to the changing attitudes and castes in post-WWI England, in particular relating to house maids and other servants. The story flips from present-day to past and presents those in the past with greater detail to those character's concerns than the present day parts.

I'd recommend this book as a good summer beach read. It keeps your interest without taking much effort.

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