Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Weird Sisters

by Eleanor Brown

Why did I like The Weird Sisters so much? Maybe because I am one of three sisters and this book nails the birth order stereotypes without being conventional. Each sister battled some personal issue true to her character and her place within the family.

Maybe it was all the Shakespeare references, which made this family a bit eccentric. Never mind that I haven't picked up any Shakespeare since high school, the citations were familiar and fitting enough that it didn't matter.

Maybe it was how a love for reading was portrayed. In particular, I loved how this family left books sitting around the house picking them up at random to read, not necessarily finishing or starting a book in order.

I also liked the first person voice, which made the reader feel an immediate part of the family. I thought Ms. Brown was clever to combine these sisters voices in telling this tale so each problem encountered was addressed by all three sisters sounding as one.

The actual story is rather common (sisters return home to take care of sick mother and manage to heal their own wounds along the way), but the way this one is told, the perspective and the details make for a fresh story.

If you have sisters this is a must-read, but even if you don't you'd probably still feel you fit right in.

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