Thursday, March 3, 2011

Still Alice

By Lisa Genova

A sad and descriptive story of devastating memory loss through Alzheimer's disease. 

While this book is no great work of literature, it is very thought provoking. The author is clearly familiar with the slow progression of this aliment and gives detailed descriptions of the effects on both the patient and those who care for them. The characters in the story were likable and relatively realistic, although the dialogue seemed a bit forced.  The great thing about this book is how in depth the author went to present the digression of thoughts for an Alzheimer's patient. Much of the story was generated from the mind, thoughts and actions of the main character, which brought to light the internal struggles and frustrations of the person who is slowly losing their memories and capabilities. 

This book reminds readers of the humanity of those suffering from dementia and offers ideas for treating them with compassion. Read this book if you know of someone with Alzheimer's or just to gain a better understanding of those who are dealing with it in any way.

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