Saturday, March 25, 2017

The Heavens May Fall

by Allen Eskens

A whodunit that puts two good guys on opposing sides of the murder of Jennavieve Pruitt. Detective Max Rupert is convinced it's the husband, Ben while his friend, attorney Brody Sanden is so convinced of Ben's innocence he comes out of retirement to defend him. Ben, the handsome young attorney, loving husband and father was out of town when his wife was killed. As the discovery unfolds lots of skeletons pop out of Jenn's closet that provide great motives for her lover, her sister and her friend. Brody just needs to find out which of them is responsible for this horrific crime.

The Heavens May Fall is kind of like a James Bond movie in which you already know how it has to end. But unlike those movies, Eskens makes the "bad guy" so likeable you are actually hoping for the twist. This is a decent read.

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