Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Six Years

by Harlan Coben

It has been years since I read anything from Coben, I think early on in book club, could it be six years? Haha. Regardless, it may be that long before I read another. Not because it was bad per se, but because it was meh. Six Years is how long ago Jake Fischer watched the love of his life marry someone else, and now that someone else has died and Jake wants to find Natalie and rekindle that fire. The only problem is that she seems to have disappeared. The story is about finding her.

Here's the thing, Six Years is a fast read, with one action event leading straight into the next, which keeps the pages turning. But the story is so predictable and weakly developed that you can breeze through this brain unengaged. If you want a little mystery entertainment where you don't have to concentrate or wonder what's coming, this is the perfect book. 

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