Wednesday, May 4, 2016


by Peter Clines

A pretty fun read, 14 is a little bit mystery, a little bit sci-fi, a little bit weird and Scooby Doo jumbled all together. As soon as Nate moves into his new apartment, he starts to notice strange things like UV lighting coming from his incandescent bulb, and roaches with an extra leg and apartments with padlocked doors and some rather odd neighbors. Throughout at least the first half of this novel, Cline builds an interesting mystery/haunted apartment type story and then he changes gear delving into the sci-fi as this assorted group of tenants come together to solve a mystery.

Most of this book worked but some of it just went way off the grid. Going far out can work, as in many SK novels, but the characters need to remain consistent and that didn't happen here.  Once these guys seem to solve the riddle and step beyond #14, things unravel and they all seem to lose their brains in the vortex. But if you ignore their lapse into stupidity and just go with it, you'll enjoy this read.

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