Thursday, March 31, 2016

Big Trouble

by Dave Barry

After mentioning my hysteria over Dave Barry's history of America, a friend of mine suggested I try one of his suspense novels.... didn't know he'd written these. Bearing in mind it's Dave Barry, you can pretty much assume the book is short on suspense and big on humor. Even though Big Trouble isn't intended to be strictly humorous, the entire premise automatically shifts it in that direction.

The students at Coconut Grove High are engaged in an elimination game involving shooting people with squirt guns. Matt has chosen to "kill" Jenny, the daughter of a mobster type businessman, Arthur Herk. At the same time, some hit men have been hired to knock off Arthur. Both shooters appear at the Herk home at the same time and thus begins the chaos! Most of this book is Three Stooges type humor, but there are a couple of events that are so NOT funny they seem a bit out of place.

Either way, it's a fast and mostly fun read. 

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