Saturday, August 22, 2015

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court

by Mark Twain

When I was in fifth grade one of my friends was reading A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court. Being the competitive and reading person I am, I rushed straight to the library and checked it out. Unfortunately, I never made it very far as it was above my head. From that time on I had a secret admiration for Chrissy and put her on a little pedastal. Recently, I saw it referenced in an article I was reading and thought, "I never did read that book," but now I have and I may be even more impressed that Chrissy was reading it when she was 10.

Connecticut Yankee is a masterpiece of satire. In it, Twain criticizes knighthood and monarchy and the ignorance and barbaric nature of the middle ages, and in the same breath he praises chivalry and the king's majesty and the simplicity and peacefulness of that society. Hank Morgan, after being hit on the head in his factory, finds himself transported back to the time of King Arthur. Using his advanced knowledge, Morgan aka The Boss sets out to enlighten these people by introducing inventions and social reforms that he believes will make them a better community. He tackles everything from public education to the bicycle to the telephone and even uses his prowess to take on Merlin!

This is a fun and funny read. Glad I am finally old enough to understand it :)

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  1. Ha Ha! I remember the same feeling and I still haven't read it yet! Maybe soon...