Friday, July 3, 2015

Speaks the Nightbird

by Robert McCammon

Finally I have picked up a series at book one! I so often find myself reading books that midway through I discover they are the second, third, or worse yet, the one I am currently reading is book 6... didn't know it. But I started from the first with Speaks the Nightbird and it is a long but well-done beginning.

This historical mystery takes place in North Carolina during a time when America was cleansing out the witches from her midst. Magistrate Woodward and his assistant Matthew Corbett have been assigned to visit the small town of Fount Royal and determine the fate of the accused Rachel Howarth, who the town has deemed a witch, blaming her for their hardships and several brutal murders. The magistrate views this as a formality and wishes to quickly dispense of the witch and move on, but Matthew is convinced she is innocent and sets out to prove it by uncovering the real butcher. A lot happened in this 800-page novel but it managed to keep things interesting and moving along. I can't say whether or not I'll pick up Matthew Corbett mystery book two, but don't let that deter you since I've never been one to get too caught up in a series.

If you like witch trial stories, historical fiction, or mysteries you'd probably like this. And if you like following the adventures of a particular sleuth this would be one to begin.

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