Sunday, December 28, 2014

Watership Down

by Richard Adams

A few months ago my daughter started reading Watership Down and since it had been forever ago that I read it, and since I was kinda in a limbo about what to read next, I picked it up for a refresher, and after all these years I still liked it. At first I wondered if my preteen opinion would hold up after 35 years, but this is a classic that spans the ages.

Most people, whether they've read it or not, know it's a book about rabbits and their minds go to Peter Rabbit and they think Watership Down is just another cute little rabbit tale. But WD is not a little tale, it's a huge adventure! In short, the book is about some rabbits seeking new territory to relocate their warren after one of them predicts their current home's impending destruction. Along the journey, Bigwig, Hazel, Fiver and friends have to battle farmers, dogs and other rabbits in order to finally reach their Eden. Interspersed throughout, Adams includes rabbit customs, characteristics and folklore that connects readers with the rabbits and makes them real.

The first thing I'll say is don't try to read too much into it, just read the story for fun. The next thing is to stick with it... the book has a lot of made up language, which makes it a bit slow to begin, but once you get going you understand these words without trouble. I wouldn't say this is a fast read, but the story is strong and keeps you turning pages.


  1. Do you think Mia is too young for it? She loves adventures.

    1. Probably too young to read it herself, but it'd be a good listen.

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