Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Accident

by Chris Pavone

A publishing company receives a manuscript that could ruin the future of an up-and-coming politician, a very Chappaquiddick type story. The agent and her hopeful publisher quickly discover that this manuscript is dangerous and that someone wants to make sure it does not get published and will go to any length to see that it's not. This book contains so many characters I lost track of who was who. The storyline is very jumpy, there are many flashbacks and changes in action that have almost no transition. And one major issue for me was the idea of all these hard copies of this book. If The Accident had been set in the 80's it may have been believable, but it is current day, everyone is carrying a cell phone and laptop, so who has only hard copies of manuscripts?

If you like action-adventure type books you might like this one, but I'd recommend The Expats, his first book instead. 

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