Thursday, May 8, 2014


by Marcus Sakey

Part Sci-Fi but more thriller, Brilliance begins with a unique idea that ends up in an all-to-familiar plot. In the 1980's the government recognizes a significant growth in the number of people born having unusual mental abilities that give them advantages over others. Immediately the government classifies this group (brilliants/abnorms) and determines to control and contain them by sending them to special schools where they are "reprogrammed." In comes Nick Cooper, himself a "brilliant" who works for the government catching the bad brilliants. Until he meets one of the enemy up close and personal (little romance), and discovers that his own daughter is also a brilliant about to be sent off to the government schools. Now Nick has to clear the name of his girlfriend and save his daughter from from impending doom.

When I started reading this book I kept telling my SF loving husband he should read it, but midway through the plot became so obvious and the book lost its SF quality and turned into an action thriller bound for Hollywood. If you like those Bourne Identity or XMen kind of stories this is right up your alley. 

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