Friday, December 27, 2013

What's in a Name Challenge 2013

Yes, I did nearly forget to complete this challenge. I started off the year quickly reading books to fulfill the title requirements, but then got stuck trying to find a book containing the word Up or Down in the title. Since it was early in the year, I figured I had plenty of time to sort it out, but then as the year progressed, it kind of slipped my mind. However, last week I got a notification to register for the 2014 challenge and realized I still had one book to read.

So here's last year's wrap-up:
1. Up or Down in the title: Coming up for Air
2. Something found in the kitchen in title: Red Herring Without Mustard
3. A party or celebration in the title: The Philosopher's Danse
4. Something fire related in title: The Arsonist
5. An emotion in the title: Great Expectations
6. The word Lost or Found in the title: The World We Found

This year the challenge has been moved to a new host, The Worm Hole and only has five book title requirements:
1. A reference to time in the title
2. A royal position in the title
3. Title that contains a number written in letters
4. A proper name in the title
5. A element of weather in the title

You can sign up here.

Another little challenge I am giving myself is to read at least one book a month from my "stack" either the real book one or my virtual one on Goodreads. A few weeks ago I noticed my virtual stack was getting so long I did a little weeding... too many books, too little time!

The other challenge I wanted to mention is that I completed the Bible in a Year program. I am trying to find another Bible reading plan on You Version. If you've done one that you particularly enjoyed I'd love the recommendation.

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