Friday, November 8, 2013

Dr. Sleep

by Stephen King

I warned you in my previous post.... lots of King this year! And here it is, the long awaited sequel to The Shining, which I reread a few months ago in anticipation of this. Although I did enjoy my return to The Overlook, it was unnecessary as Dr. Sleep easily could stand alone. Even though the main character, Danny Torrence is the same and there are references to some places and situations from Danny's nightmarish childhood, you know you can't go back since the hotel blew up.

After years living in an alcoholic stupor, Danny Torrence's shining comes back in full force when he is contacted by a little girl, Abra whose shining may be stronger than Dan's ever was. She needs help after learning of a group of travelers who live off of the steam from Shiners and they want hers! The True Knot, as they call themselves, have "turned" from an earthly existence to a supernatural one that gets their strength and eternal youth from human suffering, in particular from children who shine. I loved Teenytown and the train and Danny's job of helping people cross from this life to the next.

I love how King can bring so much new to the table and also include so much from before. As always, there are glimpses of past and unrelated novels of his, and this time a reference to a Joe Hill novel (King's son).  He has such an imagination and such an ability to share it! As I've said before, just read him.

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