Monday, August 5, 2013

The Light Between Oceans

by ML Stedman

It's easy for me to think I'd always do the right thing in the face of a tough decision. I tend to be a rule follower and I want others to follow the rules or face the consequences of not doing so, but sometimes what's right isn't always clear and some situations call for rule breaking. The Light Between Oceans presents a dilemma in which doing the right thing will hurt someone but doing the wrong thing will hurt someone else; so who do you choose to hurt?

The reader's digest version of the controversy is over keeping an infant who was found drifting in a boat with a dead body. Tom Sherbourne and his wife have tried repeatedly to have a child but instead have suffered repeated miscarriages and still births, now this baby seems like an answer to prayers, but where did she come from?

For those of you who like a good catch-22, you should enjoy this book. It is well written and believable, if not a bit of a downer, but would provide for a lively book club discussion. In fact, my kids and I had a good debate over the subject on our return from St.L. I was a little surprised that my daughter expressed such a strong opinion and her viewpoint and reasoning was very sound. The problem for me in these type of books is that there is no good answer. I can see both sides of the coin and either heads or tails leads to pain. 

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