Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Shining

By Stephen King

I decided to do a re-read of The Shining since King is coming out with a new book in September featuring Danny Torrence. Many of you know my introduction to Stephen King in the early '80's with The Dead Zone (which hooked me for life- if you haven't read it, do), followed in quick succession by Carrie and The Shining then reading whatever else he wrote (almost). So it's been many years since reading this one. Anyway, I remembered the story pretty well. Jack and Danny and redrum and the Overlook Hotel are hard to forget (in part due to the movie, which I didn't see). A few things I picked up on in this re-read were some themes King brings out in later novels (he is a master of this! If you've read many of his books, you learn to look for connections from and to his other works). For example, when I read It, a few years later, I didn't recall how many times the bad spirit in the Overlook was referred to as "it", there's the swarm of wasps, which kinda reappear in The Green Mile and I was reminded how King loves a good explosion!

This book isn't overly scary, it's kind of a mix between a creepy psycho and a haunted house story. I never saw the movie because I'm a chicken, I don't do scary movies well and Jack Nicholson creeps me out! And I still don't think I could see it, mostly because of Jack (Nicholson) not the story line.

Even though this book isn't one of my favorites, I am biased when it comes to Stephen King, the man can pull you in and keep you going. Just read him!

If you need to know where to start just ask. 

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