Monday, November 28, 2011

Another Year Another Challenge

I did complete one of the book challenges I set out to last year, the What's in a Name Challenge 4. I liked this one because it wasn't overwhelming and it provided plenty of flexibility for reading preferences but still made me read a few books I might not have otherwise just to meet the category requirement. I did have a lot of trouble finding a book with a size in the title that I hadn't already read so ended up outside of my norm, but it was okay.

Last week I was notified of the 2012 What's in a Name 5 challenge so I quickly signed up. Here are the title categories:
1. A topographical feature
2. Something you'd see in the sky
3. A creepy crawly
4. A type of house
5. Something you'd carry in your pocket, purse or backpack
6. Something you'd find on a calendar

Here's the link if you want to sign up:

As for the reading challenge that I failed to complete, I think I did not give myself enough time based on other obligations. I may look it up and see if they are starting anew in 2012.

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