Thursday, August 11, 2011

Poatcards From a Dead Girl

by Kirk Farber

Here is a guy who can't come to terms with the loss (accidental death) of his girlfriend. Sid has actually suffered two deaths in a short time frame and is struggling to make it over the hump and get on with life. Part of what keeps him clinging to memories are these random Postcards From a Dead Girl he seems to be receiving.

While the concept is good, the result doesn't cut it. The book is very repetitive and for that reason really dragged for me, despite extremely short chapters that made it a fast read. In the final five or so chapters the book picks up pace and interest. Maybe if you knew someone suffering from depression it might give you some perspective on their mindset, but not so sure it was really that insightful, and not sure I'd say was worth reading. This is a chance challenge selection from a Barnes and Noble staff member.

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  1. There was a movie like this a few years ago. The finance or husband died and then the grieving partner kept getting letters and cards. Can't recall the name of it.