Monday, June 27, 2011

The Rebellion of Jane Clarke

by Sally Gunning

This historical novel takes place during the mid 1700's America in Boston, as the country is struggling with British taxation. In particular the main event is the Bloody Massacre (Boston Massacre) and the varied perceptions of the townspeople of that event. Ms. Gunning shows her detail in research of the period and important characters of the time, even some lesser-known figures. Her main character tries to reveal a woman's viewpoint on the current political and social upheavals. I was interested in all of the historical detail, however I could never connect with Jane Clarke, her dilemmas or her personal unrest. I didn't find the story very engaging and often felt it was slow-paced. Even the climax, the Massacre itself, was just an onlookers dull narrative, which Jane revisits ad nauseam and was disappointing.

If you like pre-revolution history, you may enjoy giving The Rebellion of Jane Clarke a read, it is pretty easy and quick to finish. And clearly the author seems to remain close to historical accuracy.

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