Sunday, February 6, 2011

Even Silence Has an End

by Ingrid Betancourt

An amazing story of captive survival in harrowing jungle conditions. Ingrid Betancourt was captured by the FARC and held hostage for over six years. She describes the situation and circumstances of her capture and captors, her fellow hostages, her mental struggles and the physical torture endured by the group. This book is written from her perspective and gives only slight consideration to the others enduring this alongside her. Many of the reactions of Ms. Betancourt had repercussions on the entire band of prisoners, but not much credit is taken by her of those consequences. She does a good job of explaining her mental processes and why she responded to the torture as she did.

The writing style is lacking and the time line is often confusing, but the story is amazing and demonstrates the courage of those held hostage.

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